Why SCC is One of the UK’s Top Aerospace Manufacturing Companies

  • South Coast composites are an AS9100 accredited company with a pristine production facility and over 28 years of experience in composites.
  • Unlike most aerospace manufacturers SCC started out in F1, which lends itself to precision quality and impressive lead times.
  • As an aerospace part manufacturing company, we have invested significantly into our inspection department in order ensure that conformance is maintained at the highest level possible.
  • SCC are regularly audited by UKAS Approved BSI to ensure that our quality system are up to date and that we continue to evolve as the industry evolves.

Starting out with a Formula One background, South Coast Composites built its foundations on the fast pace, high precision and at times somewhat experimental Motorsport manufacturing industry. And after years of experience in this arena, founders Kieran Buckwell and Luke Biddlecombe consolidated their efforts by founding South Coast Composites. They then began to extend their portfolio of work into other areas of high value manufacturing, including the manufacture of aerospace components. This led to a unique combination of highly skilled production staff, built on low lead-times and leading-edge quality.


Our most up to date certificate can be found at the bottom of our homepage and lists the ‘all-important’ scope of works that we are accredited for. This is an incredibly important feature of being a certified supplier and validates the type of work that we can undertake for our aerospace clients:

“The manufacture, assembly and supply of composite products to include full lot traceability of materials used for the automotive, aerospace, space and defence sectors against customer specification.”

SCC are regularly audited by the UKAS approved BSI (British Standards Institute) to ensure that our quality system are up to date and that we continue to evolve as the industry evolves.

3D Scanning

SCC have invested heavily into it’s inspection department to ensure that we maintain the highest level of conformance to our customers’ requirements. Our Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm with HP-L-8.9 3D laser scanners is used to check parts against their original CAD model. This enable us to check for any deviation in conformance, so that we can troubleshoot these issues at our end. This is especially important for component that have been design with aerodynamics in mind, because even a 0.1mm in deflection of a component can have a knock on effect on downstream parts and thus the overall performance, efficiency and safety of the vehicle.

We also have the capability to create and edit parts in 3D CAD for the creation of pattern blocks to make composite moulds from or to directly machined aluminium moulds. With a host of industry partners we can provide you with a selection of prototyping and production services for you to choose from.

Our Facility

South Coast Composites facility boasts state of the art technology including 3 fully calibrated Autoclave pressure vessels, for the highest quality composite curing. Our largest autoclave has an internal diameter of 1.3m and internal length of 3.1m with fully profiled temperature and pressure up to 180 °C / 8 bar. Each component can be supplied with quality control trace reporting all the way through the manufacturing process.

Our facility also includes 2 fully sealed climate controlled clean rooms for part lamination and a very well equipped trim and assembly department with highly skilled trimmers and fitters to finish your precision parts. We have years experience with the highest performance and structurally sensitivity applications including Motorsport, Aerospace, Marine and Defence. And where necessary we use highly technical bonding preparation and process solutions with our on-site vapour blaster and acid etching for the highest specification assembly and finishing.

The entire facility is security locked at all times with code entry and has the latest in surveillance technology, because we understand the importance of each and every project and that discretion and client confidentiality is vital.

Find Out More…

If you’d like to find out more about the services and facilities available at South Coast Composite click here to view our facilities and here to see our production. Thank you very much for reading.

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