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Welcome to SCC, your premier source for precision manufacturing. We specialise in the manufacture of composite moulds and components for the Formula 1, Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense sectors. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive performance and reliability in these dynamic industries.

Aerospace is where we live

At SCC, we excel in manufacturing AS9100 Aerospace parts using advanced composite materials like Carbon Fiber. Our expertise in precision engineering and commitment to quality ensures that we deliver top-tier aerospace components that meet the rigorous standards of the industry. Trust us for excellence in aerospace composite manufacturing.

We are the Kings of carbon

SCC is your partner in crafting high-end carbon fiber parts for the Supercar industry, where visual quality is paramount. Our expertise in composite manufacturing ensures impeccable finishes, lightweight structures, and precision, elevating the aesthetic and performance of your Supercar components to unmatched levels of excellence.

Reinventing Military Defense with Unbreakable Strength

SCC, a leader in composite manufacturing, excels in crafting military-grade structures with precision and durability. Our expertise extends across Land, Sea, and Air domains, showcasing a proven track record in diverse military projects. From robust land-based equipment to resilient naval components and advanced airborne systems, SCC consistently delivers high-quality composite solutions, ensuring the reliability and performance crucial for military applications.


Our production capabilities at SCC speak volumes about our dedication to excellence and precision. Holding the esteemed AS9100 Aerospace and Space accreditation with BSi, we are committed to meeting the highest industry standards. Our manufacturing process begins within temperature-controlled clean rooms, where meticulous attention to detail is the norm. This controlled environment paves the way for our cutting-edge Autoclave curing process, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability.

In the world of precision engineering, our expertise shines through Pre-preg mould making, creating intricate components vital to aerospace and space applications. 


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Production facilities

Our composite production facilities epitomize manufacturing excellence. Featuring state-of-the-art technology including Autoclave curing and 3d Laser scanning,our immaculate facilities are the heart of our operations, where precision and innovation converge to create top-quality composite products.

State of the art
autoclave curing

Our autoclave curing capabilities stand at the forefront of precision, boasting three state-of-the-art machines. Aligned with AS9100 standards, we prioritize traceability. Each curing process undergoes meticulous scrutiny, with full parameter recording. This commitment to excellence ensures that your products undergo optimal autoclave curing, meeting the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry. From temperature to pressure, our detailed record-keeping guarantees conformity to the highest quality benchmarks. Trust in our advanced technology and stringent adherence to AS9100, as we elevate your expectations with precise autoclave curing for unparalleled product quality and reliability.

With three cutting-edge autoclave machines adhering to AS9100 standards, our curing process ensures precision. Full parameter recording guarantees traceability, aligning with aerospace industry benchmarks. Trust us for optimal autoclave curing, where every detail matters, elevating your products to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Complex composite
bonded assemblies

SCC's prowess in manufacturing complex composite assemblies is underpinned by a remarkable fusion of precision and experience. Our adept utilization of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), coupled with a keen understanding of technical drawings, empowers us to orchestrate intricate components seamlessly. The mastery extends to employing multi-piece bonding jigs, ensuring meticulous alignment. What sets SCC apart is our strategic use of aerospace adhesives, fostering unparalleled strength in bonds while obviating the need for conventional metallic fixings. This unique approach not only streamlines the assembly process but also enhances the structural integrity of the final product, exemplifying SCC's commitment to cutting-edge manufacturing practices.

SCC excels in crafting intricate composite assemblies, leveraging precise CAD, technical drawings, and advanced multi-piece bonding jigs. Our distinctive strength lies in using aerospace adhesives, ensuring robust bonds without relying on metallic fixings. This strategic approach streamlines assembly, highlighting SCC's commitment to cutting-edge, high-integrity manufacturing.

Quality control of
the highest level

SCC's commitment to quality control is paramount in scrutinizing composite moulds and components. Employing state-of-the-art technology, including 3D laser scanning and an array of metrological tools, we meticulously inspect every facet of our composite products. This ensures precision in dimensions, surface profiles, and overall conformity. By integrating the latest advancements, SCC maintains a rigorous standard, guaranteeing that each composite element meets exacting specifications. This dedication to cutting-edge quality control solidifies SCC as a leader in delivering flawless and meticulously crafted composite solutions.

SCC's quality control for composite moulds and components is unrivalled. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D laser scanning and advanced metrological tools, we meticulously inspect every detail. This commitment ensures that each composite product meets stringent specifications, establishing SCC as a pinnacle of precision and excellence in the industry.

Door to door
tracked shipping

SCC proudly ships worldwide to multinational clients, ensuring timely deliveries through tracked services with trusted partners. Whether across continents or nearby, SCC's commitment to reliable international shipping underscores our dedication to seamless logistics and customer satisfaction.

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SCC's knowledge, experience and passion has been more than integral in both our product's and company’s success. SCC have been a dream to work with and we simply couldn't recommend them enough.

Crown Hockey

FlitePartners Ltd has always found SCC to be a pleasure to deal with, delivery on time and good quality work.

Paul Palmer

We have always found SCC to be very professional with good communication and quality workmanship

Martin Sims

High Quality parts manufactured quicky with excellent support and advice provided thoughout. Highly recommended whether producing one part or many.

Tony Glancy


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